Handy Air Compressor Accessories to Take on Camping Trips

I was recently out shopping for a gas air compressor that I can give my husband for Christmas. He’s the do-it-yourself type of guy and since tools was his passion, I’ve made a pledge to give as much tools as I can, whenever I can. I was confused with a lot of things when I went around our local home improvement store.

It was not because of the different brands, but because of the terminologies that the sales clerk were mentioning to me. There were CFm and PSI, single stage and two stage compressors, different phase electric motors; everything was a blur. Finally, I decided to เครื่องอัดอากาศ  leave without purchasing anything yet and did my own research. I wanted to understand gas compressors and all I needed was my laptop and internet connection.

Here are some of the things that I learned through my research:

PSI – This stands for Pounds per Square Inch. It tells you how much pressure or compressed gas can be delivered by the gas air compressor. So before you purchase gas air compressors, it is essential that you check the PSI or pressure that your tools require, and make sure that your gas compressor will be able to fit this requirement. If you have multiple tools, consider the one that has the highest PSI requirement.

CFM – an abbreviation for Cubic Feet per Minute. This is the volume of the air that the gas compressor delivers. The higher the CFM, the longer it will take before the gas compressor recharges.

Single Stage Compressor – This type of gas air compressor has one or more air cylinders. Having more than one cylinder implies that the cylinders are both of the same size. One thing that you should note about single stage compressors is that you cannot use it on tools that require more than 100 PSI unless you use the tool intermittently.

Two Stage Compressor – this particular gas compressor has at least two cylinders with one being smaller than the other. These air compressors can be used for tools that require higher pressure as it normally operates on 175 PSI. This is more ideal for heavier duty or more professional use.


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