How to Buy-Sell Cars on Craigslist

The first step in this process is to ensure that you can answer any questions a buyer might have. The most common questions asked are:

What is the mileage?

What is the overall condition of the interior? Exterior?

Are there any known issues that may need to be fixed?

Do you have maintenance records?

After you have these pieces of information, go to the website kbb.com and find the PRIVATE PARTY VALUE of your vehicle. It will ask various questions like the mileage, condition, accessories, etc. and give you different categories and prices for the car. Read closely the description to make sure you find out the correct pricing for your car.

After you know what your car is worth, consider the least amount you would sell your car. When pricing your car, you will want to advertise a price significantly higher than this, because, keep in mind that the seller will most likely want to talk you down in price.

For example, If I sell a car on Craigslist and I want $2500 for it, I wouldn’t accept any less than $2000, I would price the car at slightly higher than the Kelley Blue Book value. So the advertising price for this car would be around $2700. Try not to go too far above the Kelley Blue Book value because most people will search for your car on that site to get an idea of what they should pay for it. If you ask for slightly more, it will make your car seem like a reasonable deal. The worst thing you can do is create the idea that you are somehow trying to take advantage of the buyer.

Next, create a listing for the vehicle on a site like Craigslist. junkyards near me

Ever heard of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? When selling a vehicle, it is EXTREMELY important to include at least one picture of the vehicle you are selling. Why? Craigslist has an option to search for results that only include pictures. And, when buying a vehicle, a picture instantly tells a lot about a car.

Another thing to make sure to add is mileage, overall condition, and anything specific about the car like if it has an aftermarket sound system, rims, etc.

When they come to see the car, be open. Avoid hiding anything from the seller. If they trust that you are telling them the truth about the vehicle, they will be more comfortable with the purchase, and may be willing to spend more. Be available for them to test drive your vehicle. Make them feel like they know your car.

And always act confident. Act like you have something that they want. Don’t be cocky, but don’t focus on any flaws you may see with the vehicle. And when it comes time to settle on a price, be firm. Don’t let them lowball you and get the car for less than you think it is worth. Also keep in mind, if they make you an offer, they want the car. Stay relatively firm with your pricing, but at the same time, make them feel like they’re getting a good deal.

And when the deal is done, keep records of it. Make a receipt for them and have both the buyer and seller sign it. And it is very wise to include the words “as is” somewhere in the receipt which no longer makes you responsible for the car if something goes wrong after they have purchased it

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