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How many people have heard this claim and wondered if it could possibly be true? For seemingly every cultural format–books, music, television, and especially films–a crusty, dark-browed curmudgeon lurks waiting to insist that the product of yesterday far outweighs what we read, listen to, and watch today. For most avid film fans, the curmudgeon’s reaction is a tempting one. When movies like “Shrek 3: The Search for More Kids to Exploit” and “Pirates of the Caribbean 3: We Promise Johnny Depp Isn’t Dead” top the box office charts, it’s easy to retreat into a warm bath of nostalgia … with extra Audrey Hepburn bubbles.

This sense of nostalgia shouldn’t go unquestioned. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” may be a great film, but it’s also marked by mind-boggling racism. “The Searchers” showcases a top-notch performance from John Wayne, but the film is about a guy who plans to shoot his own niece because she’s been kidnapped by Native Americans … then we’re proud of him when he doesn’t. Movies like “The Thing from Another World” made plenty of money fifty years ago, just like movies like “Big Momma’s House” make money today. And today’s best films still hit the mark every so often.

The irony of the curmudgeon’s cry is that his insistence on a stark contrast between then and now actually drives many people away from the films of the past. (It’s that and the total lack of movies about battle droids pre-1998.) Inexplicably, many of my friends simply avoid old movies as voraciously as Mike Meyers avoids movies that aren’t sequels.

The advent of Netflix and its imitators, however, has changed the rules of the game. If you want to watch a “vintage classic” film but don’t have the gumption to take action, here are five films you might want to consider adding to your queue. I’ve tried to avoid the obvious recommends, like “Casablanca” and “Gone with the Wind.” But feel free to add those too. The five below, however, promise to give contemporary moviegoer copious as they delve into the past.

The Third Man (1949): If you’ve seen “Citizen Cane,” you’ve probably heard of Orson Welles. He’s that guy who supposedly made only one good movie and then threw his life away. “The Third man,” however, provides an impressive if brief dose of young, un-thrown away Orson-Welles-ification. It takes place in Vienna in the aftermath of World War II and centers on the mysterious death of Harry Lime (Welles). Holly Martins (Joseph Cotton) resolves to find his friend’s killer.

Only one single year has passed since the introduction of iPod touch and it has reached a farfetched customer base, around the world. Apple Corporation swanks about its product, as it is on high circulation in the market. To make it nut shell, iPod touch has been a mile stone in the market of portable music player. Myriad customers identify this new gadget with iPhone. However, the key concept in the product is based on the mobile platform along with the inclusion of Apple’s web browser, Safari explorer.

The product fit in ดูหนังออนไลน์   the family of portable media and music players and as a result it allows you to watch any movies through it, if it can be converted into compatible format. To watch videos through iPod touch, as the first step, download a free converter for iPod video and pick out the movie file either from DVD or from your hard drive. If you pick DVD files, you are recommended to convert multiple files and hence, select largest size.

When the conversion gets over, transfer all the files to the product. At this step, it is essential to include the latest version of iTunes, which is on hand in Apple’s official website. Use the cable to connect iPod, while you run iTunes. Make use of the applications on iTunes and click the “movies” to sync video. Within two minutes, you can load up your iPod with a movie, so that you can watch it, while you are on the move.

All about Eve (1950): If you are looking for a classic that doesn’t star Humphrey Bogart, Kerry Grant, or James Dean, consider “All about Eve,” a pure masterpiece starring Anne Baxter, Celeste Horn, and Bette Davis. Often cited as one of the film industry’s truly great achievements, “All about Eve” centers on an aging stage actress who takes an overzealous fan under her wing.

The Hustler (1961): Paul Newman plays “Fast Eddie” Felson, a young pool shark who’s convinced he’s the best the game has ever seen. Jackie Gleason puts forward an unforgettable performance as pool legend Minnesota Fats, while Piper Laurie skillfully plays Newman’s melancholy love interest. On sheer acting alone, this one is worth seeing. It also explains so many jokes from so many later movies. “Oh! They were making fun of ‘The Hustler’!”

The Last Picture Show (1971): I’d heard about this movie for years before I put together the gumption to see it. Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, and Cybill Shepherd all deliver knock out portrayals of young but not quite innocent teens in a small Texas town in the 1950s. This film grabs hold of the viewer almost instantly and doesn’t let go.

Mean Streets (1973): In the aftermath of Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed,” it’s easy to forget he made another movie about urban youngsters walking the line between right and wrong, set to the awesomeness of a song by the Rolling Stones. No, I’m not talking about “Goodfellas.” Scorsese’s first official directorial effort, “Mean Streets,” stars Harvey Keitel as Charlie, a low ranking hood in Little Italy’s local mob. Robert Deniro, before he was a cliché of himself, fills the supporting role of Johnny Boy, Charlie’s erratic friend. Fans of “Pulp Fiction” will enjoy exploring a crucial work in the evolution of the gangster movie.

Handhelds, like PocketPC and Palm are incredible pieces of hardware. With appropriate software you can turn them into TVs, DVD players and much more. Curious? Read On.

PocketDVDStudio (PQDVD)

With PocketDVDStudio you can watch DVD movies on a wide variety of mobile devices, like Pocket PC, Smartphone, Portable Media Center, Palm. Yep, it’s true, you can have fun when you are on the go (just make sure you don’t drive, would you?). Basically, with PocketDVDStudio you can take your favorite movies, TV show in your pocket and watch them anywhere, anytime.

PocketDVDStudio comes with an easy to use interface to record video files(wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm, rmvb, Tivo2go, etc) and DVDs into portable format(wmv, avi) playable on your device. The software can compress any DVD movie less than 3 hours long into a 128MB/256MB or larger memory card. Now you’ve found another good reason to justify the purchase of your favorite Palm, PocketPC or Smartphone before your friends or family.

PocketDVDWizard (The Coding Workshop Limited)

PocketDVDWizard is perferct for the owners of Windows Mobile Pocket PC, PlayStation Portable (PSP), Windows Portable Media Center, Windows Smartphone, Windows CE handheld devices, Archos Media Player, Gizmondo ane Palms.

PocketDVDWizard allows you to make backup copies of your personal DVDs, Mpeg, Avi and DivX® video and then play them on your handheld. Imagine the possibilities PocketDVDWizard gives you. You can now record your favourite TV program with your DVD recorder and transfer it to your Pocket PC, then watch it later in the office or on the beach. Cool, isn’t it?

iPodSync (ICC)

With iPodSync, you can view your Outlook Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes on your iPod. iPodSync is a tool for Windows users to keep your Microsoft Outlook calendar. contact, tasks, notes and email synchronized between your PC and your iPod. iPodSync also syncs news, weather forecasts and movie listings from the web.

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